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, which many people and los angeles know about, but many others do not. tv stations editing be beating tape in order to fuel ghetto rage knowing what could happen, because the media is looking for another hill case. democrats are not lynching blacks, no one else is. and then they o.j. verdict. that is when they said, the white guilt bank is shut down. it ended up being a wonderful thing for america, and most of all for black people, because there were no longer being treated like children. and many great things came out of that spirit of a chapter on the post o.j. paradise. and with obama, not because he is half black, the media, the left has brought all of the racial demography back. obama does not engage in this as much as liberals in the media, but he put it out of their purity brings it up. -- he brings it up. and i saw this election season, he cannot run on his record. it would be full of the claims of imaginary racism. and so, all some of the point is not to fall for it again, america. host: one of the policies that came of the 1970's is affirmative action. to be reviewed again b
from los angeles, michelle, on the democratic line. caller: good morning. i think the wives do lend to the pageantry of running for president. peoplee don't know these personally and we are always looking at their public statements to find out what they are really like and home. ann romney gave a speech early on when mitt romney was running in the republican primaries. she was talking about he was on the road a lot. she developed ms. she said i have these seven boys and she said she was talking to him and telling him i don't think i can do this alone, this is really hard being here all alone. he told her, well, your job is way more important than mine and i know you can do it. i thought that was an interesting comment. i thought, does that mean he left her there along with those boys when she said she could barely get out a bet? to me, that indicated something i was thinking, that his instincts seem to fail him in moments when you really need someone to make a decision. instincts tend to help him when he tends to make a critical decision, like when he went after bin laden or when he
award and international latino book award and growing up an illegal alien in los angeles tonight at 8:00 eastern. >> "washington journal"continue as -- host: the political columnist ed "the washington times." in his column this morning, he writes that this coming week may live up to the characterization that every week is a make or break a week of the campaign after labor day. do you think this week is a big win for the candidates? guest: in washington again breathless about things like debates. i think it is important. foreign policy is an area that people have to prove that they can meet a certain threshold and are not completely out of their depth in terms of dealing with a lot of tricky situations around the globe. this will be the man from the opportunity to prove he can deal with the powder keg in the middle east. based on what we have seen so far with the first debate, i feel pretty confident that may be the kind of thing where women get to it, our will say he comported himself pretty well in the first debate. it is bound to be very interesting on many levels. i suspect we will
are warning about that. from bill clinton told a group of donors in los angeles that it is not a format, which is one of the challenges that obama will face tonight. host: this is your headline in today's "the wall street journal." of host: before we let you go, any talk about the topics tonight? caller: candy has the guest -- the discretion to pick. the questions will probably reflect the real lives of people. the economic downturn has affected so many people and employment remains high. people are obviously worried about what is happening in libya and afghanistan. i think that we can expect questions drawn from the real- life experience of people. it will be a chance for both candidates to show that they can relate to the audience. it should not be a challenge for both of them. barack obama is perceived as somewhat distant and aloof in some respects, but so is mitt romney. it should be very different from what we saw in denver. host: peter nichols, thank you so much for joining us this morning. again, that debate starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we want to get your reaction as to how the de
. moderate republicans would be elected from the bay area in los angeles and moderate democrats would be elected from the rural california. this is not me telling you this, folks. host: an mail come and. as long as groups can bestow largess on groups of voters, the elections will not be fair. obama has proven that votes can be bought. guest: that was a nasty comments. we have to have faith and hope to keep working or just give up. i am not willing to give up, especially when there are viable solutions out there. it is up to the people to want to do it. there was legislation when they would have this copyright legislation. google got involved and took the black censorship mark over the goo on theg researchle engine. -- mark on the googl it.e -- mark on the google search engine. we have all of these groups that dominate the discourse. how do we get through to work together? go to thes independent line. caller: it is a privilege to talk to you. i am enjoying this conversation. just recently, i was watching c- span. i would like to say thank you for washington journal -- "washington journ
's move on. los angeles, california, independent line. tim, hello. caller: hi, yes. thank you. i just wanted to get something off my chest. i get so angry every time i hear people ask what is probably the most meaningless of this politically meaningless question, of, are you better off now than you were four years ago? it's totally pointless. the actual question should be are you better off now than you would have been with john mccain and sarah palin, that would make sense, we can't know that. host: what's the difference between the questions? caller: the difference is that you don't -- you don't ask questions in a vacuum. you want to compare how you are now four years later than how you would have been if mccain and palin had gotten in. host: you're actually basing that on something we wouldn't know for sure, though. caller: that's what i'm saying. that's why i said it's an absurd question to say are you better off? because you have no basis of comparison. host: how would you answer your own question as far as being better off concerned? caller: how would i answer it? i'm -- i guess
's hear from tyson in los angeles on our republican line. good morning. caller: happy birthday to you, libby. host: are you watching the debate? caller: absolutely. it is the two candidates day in court, so to speak, meeting face-to-face group politics. no teleprompters. get true face to face questions and answers. host: what do you hope to learn from the debate? are you watching to root for your candidate or watching to learn something? caller: i'm always wanting to learn and listening to learn, but i have to see these two candidates face to face without admitting everything they have to say -- without ad-libbing. we have only seen speeches and commercials. this is a true presidential debate which i cherished and i hope to learn a lot. host: happy birthday to you. dale.dayo will you be watching? caller: i will. i want to see what romney is about and what is going to do. host: have you made up your mind? caller: not really. host: john is on the independent line from maine. caller: yes, i will be watching. i'm a student of human nature, that's all. politicians will always be politician
presidential debate, killing an audience in los angeles that included many celebrities in acting and movies, that he did not always performed flawlessly night after night, like them. -- telling the audience. the president is on a fund- raising tour of california where the cost to attend last night's dinner with $25,000 per person. republican presidential nominee mitt romney focuses on foreign policy today. he is proposing that the u.s. take a more assertive role in syria, put conditions on aid to egypt, and tighten sanctions on iran. you can hear romney's remarks on c-span radio or watch the event on c-span. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. [video clip] >> one of the things i've heard from a number of companies and individuals i've met with his the fcc has sometimes not acted appropriately with respect to issues important to the committee or delaying actions on other issues. i wanted to think about different ways the commission could speed up its process. one of the keep things the commission can and should do is to enable more dynamic industry by getting more spectru
on to friday from los angeles, california. caller: i do not think they do matter. people believe what they want to believe. i remember when my political philosophy changed. i said, now, all people have to do is find out about free enterprise and how it works. people will realize it is the way to go. no. politics is almost like a religious belief to some people. you can point out any facts he went to and they will ignore them. i will admit that comes from both sides. people do not vote on facts, they vote on the motion. the vote on some kind of family tradition or racial or religious tradition for whatever reasons jews vote democrats. i wish facts did matter, but most people do not care. host: what facts do you think they're being ignored? caller: when you make regulations on an economy and pretend that will not hurt the economy. when you put regulations to the point that if bankers make a loan and the loans did not work out and people lose their money, not only will you go bankrupt, but you might actually go to jail. do you not think that will have an effect on people making loans? you just ign
get the question. let's go to laurie from los angeles. caller: good morning. i have a major complaint that is going on as we speak. i watch your show every week monday through friday. there is a major program going on with a company that bain capital and mitt romney own. they have laid off almost 200 employees as we speak. their jobs are being shipped off to china for 99 cents an hour. the company had earned $506 million recently of last year and is doing very well. the employees are being paid $17 an hour. they will have no jobs. after obama has fought for the people of the automotive industry, this should not be happening. i feel very bad for these employees that will not have jobs coming very soon. i and the american job market here all of this coming at the same time that we will see a change in chinese leadership as well. guest: this has been a key discussion in 2010, a major talking point for the congressional candidates. backing china has become something of a must do on the campaign trail. the support makes it very difficult to of a rational discussion about these issues off t
to be brought up, whether or not he missed any of them. thank you very much. host: cheryl, a democrat, los angeles. caller: first of all, i want to say -- and please do not cut me off, i want to make this point -- we are going to have a great debate tonight on foreign policy, but i feel other questions should be brought to the attention because there was not enough time for a president obama to get a lot of the things out that he wanted to say. oftentimes i hear that other people call in from other parties and they act as if president obama has no sense of foreign-policy, and even though so far mitt romney has not had any experience. i would rather take someone who has had two years of experience in this over someone who has no experience at all. another point i would like to bring is the debate that went on last tuesday, when president romney was doing a lot of talking, they did not discuss a lot of things, but one of the things -- not the integration policy -- about how they feel about the different immigrants that have come here, primarily hispanics. there is a lot i want to say, then i
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11